How to Clear Cache on Samsung Phone (2021)

If you are a Samsung user and you want to clear the cache from your phone then you are at the right place. Here I will show you how to clear the cache of any app on your Samsung phone. And I will also introduce you to another interesting feature that will automatically clear all the cache of your phone regularly.

When you visit a website or app for the first time, it starts storing temporary data on your phone, it’s called cache data.

Cache data can be in the form of files, scripts, images and other multimedia. Your phone stores this data so that the next time you visit the same website or app, then it can load information very quickly.

You may notice that the first time you visit a website or app, it takes time to load. But later when you visit that website or app again, it loads very fast. This is due to cache data.

But cache data can also create some problems. Such as if your phone stores a lot of caches, it may prevent some apps from working properly and may even reduce the performance of your phone. And also you can free up your phone’s storage by deleting the cache.

So the cache of the apps you use the most should be cleared regularly. And also you should enable the feature shown below on your Samsung phone. It will automatically clear all the cache from your phone.

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How to Clear Cache of an App on your Samsung Phone

There are lots of ways to clear the cache of any app on your phone. Here I am gonna show you two ways to clear cache from your Samsung phone. Both methods are very simple and similar, but there are some differences. I will show you both methods step-by-step below.

But be careful in the last step, don’t tap “Clear Data“. Because if you tap on it, you will delete entire data of the app. It will return to the way it was when you first installed the app, which means you may lose personal data in the process.

First Method

  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Scroll down and tap Apps. Then you will find all the applications on your phone.Clear Cache on Samsung Phone: Tap Apps
  3. Tap the app you want to clear the cache. (To get all system apps, tap Three dots » Show system apps)
  4. Then tap Storage » Clear cache.Clear Cache on Samsung Phone: Tap Storage and then Clear Cache

Second Method

  1. Long tap on the app you want to clear the cache.
  2. Tap App info » Storage.Clear Cache on Samsung Phone: Tap App Info and then Storage
  3. Then tap Clear cache.Tap Clear Cache

Note: Clearing cache does not delete any personal information (such as usernames and passwords, game progress etc.) or any important data stored on your phone.

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Automatic Way to Clear Cache of your Samsung Phone

Usually, you have to clear cache from your phone manually. But every Samsung phone has a feature that you can use it to clear the cache automatically. That means if you enable it, then the cache will be deleted automatically from your phone regularly. So, follow the instructions below to enable this feature.

  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Scroll down and tap Device care.Clear Cache on Samsung Phone: Device care
  3. Go to Storage » Storage booster.Clear Cache on Samsung Phone: Tap Storage and then Storage Booster
  4. Tap Auto delete unnecessary data.Auto Delete Unnecessary Data
  5. Now turn it ON.Turn On Auto Delete Unnecessary Data
  6. By default, it automatically deletes all cache/unnecessary data every day. But if you want to change this schedule, you can change it from here.Changing Schedule of Auto Delete Unnecessary Data

I hope now you can easily clear the cache on your Samsung phone. If you still have any questions or problems, you can leave a comment below. Thanks.

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